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The Power of Creativity

During our strategic planning process, we identify specific communication elements needed to carry out our marketing strategies. Most often, these communications take the physical form of such things as an advertising campaign, a brochure, a web site, or trade show booth. This execution of ideas, from strategy to reality, is what we call the creative process. It’s the point where a great marketing strategy can achieve greatness or fall flat on its face.

Nearly every waking moment of every day, we are bombarded by thousands of messages vying for our attention. This great morass of messages is something called “communications clutter.” Your message is only one of thousands trying to gain your prospect’s attention. Great creativity gives you the power to break out of that clutter by developing a message that deserves attention and gets results.

Come Out Swinging.
Your message must seize the moment. It must be worthy of “tuning in.” It must be engaging, enjoyable, and it must promise a direct benefit. Any successful creative effort is based on a good understanding of your target markets, how your product or service can improve their lives, and what motivates them to buy — from both a logical and emotional viewpoint. A well-crafted message identifies with the concerns of its audience. It gets to the heart of the issue. It helps them “realize” why it’s in their best interest to do business with you — now.